Hazza Institute of Technology is a Joint Project of National Training Bureau (NTB), Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training, Government of Pakistan, under a Public Private Partnership to establish new technical & vocational training centers in different areas of Pakistan and provide technical & vocational training, skills development, career counseling and job placement to the citizens of Pakistan to enable them earn their livelihoods and alleviate poverty in Pakistan


Empower youth for a prosperous Pakistan by enhancing their capabilities to become productive citizens contributing towards poverty alleviation, social and economic development by focusing on innovative technical, vocational, education and training.


Our mission is to provide career-oriented training by teaching applied Industry- specific technology programs, serving stakeholders’ prosperity, satisfying the needs of students for employment and career advancement and the needs of industry for highly skilled workforce. Our mission is to prepare students to make their own destiny maintaining the highest standards of self-respect and integrity.

Hazza Institute of Technology has challenges to manage and provide the quality training to produce skilled manpower that complies with applicable national and international standards and regulations continue efforts & improvements will be incorporated into every action of Hazza Institute of Technology to transform into excellence specifically in training, certification and Linkage with global employment market.

Hazza Institute of Technology strives to improve the confidence of our trainees by providing quality training to meet highest standards of competency.

Our main objective is to produce proficient skilled workers equipped with latest techniques and skills includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Development and execution of internationally recognized technical, professional and life/softs skills training.
  2. Development of new training workshops for innovative trades and emerging technologies.
  3. Provision of vocational guidance, career counseling and job placement facilitation services
  4. Ensuring that the vocational, technical, professional and skills training provided at the centers by the Institute is at par with international standards.
  5. Aligning course content and the qualitative and quantitative skills being developed with the needs and demands of economy in Pakistan and to support initiative of Government of Pakistan to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  6. Facilitating and enabling the Trainees to avail employment opportunities in national or international employment markets.
  7. Enhance individual entrepreneurship
  8. Build relationship between Institute & Enterprise to enhance Institutes’ role in enterprise development

Best Infrastructure

We have establish classrooms which meet the international standards to facilitates the trainees to learn in a comfortable

Dedicated Instructors

We have highly qualified, experienced, motivated and dedicated instructors to train the persons in traditional as well as

Well Equipped Workshops

At HIT, we have equipped our workshops with latest machinery and equipment which meet the international standards. The

Online Courses

We are going to offer free online courses in near future relating information technology (IT) including auto cad

Quality Library

To enhance the knowledge of student and faculty member we have established a well equipped and modern library


We have establish classrooms which meet the international standards to facilitates the trainees to learn in a comfortable

High-quality technical training programs deliver value to a broad range of students, building in-demand competencies and the skills needed to fill modern technical jobs in high-growth industries nationally and internationally.

It caters to the needs of cross gender applicants with or without prior academic background. It validates through RPL the knowledge base of those who fall short on holding formal certificates.

HIT champion this passion and embrace multi talent students who have no zeal for a four-year degree programs.

HIT aims to categories the trades and to assist each student to choose its own unique path and take it longer in order to excel in the respective field.

It carves out the whole schemata of career path for its multiple trades which help prospective trainees to plan for their future learning ladders.

Instructors, Trainers and counselors play their part by assisting students locating quality post-secondary programs that fit their passions and meet their needs; sharing HIT commitment to student success; and building a record of preparing students for long-term and in-demand careers in the skilled & technical trades.

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